SUMMARY: Problen when rebooting: Timeout for ARP/RARP packet

From: Alessandro Coppelli (
Date: Thu Oct 28 1999 - 01:56:02 CDT


   Scenario = Sun Sparc 4m with Solaris 2.5.1

   Problem: When the machine start it shows the

            Timeout/waiting for ARP/RARP packet


Need to change eeprom setting.

setenv boot-device disk
        : at the prom
        : your boot device is probably set to net.


At the ok prompt
do a printenv and see what boot-device and diag-switch are set to
if you do a
setenv diag-switch? false
this will take it out of diagnostic mode
setenv boot-device disk
this will make it boot from disk
devalias will tell which disk matches which address

It sounds like you may have diag-switch? in the eeprom set to true.
will by default boot of the ethernet.
Do a printenv at the ok prompt and check, and change to false.

Try looking this:

-At ok prompt type devalias and you will see the boot_device value,
check if it is disk.

-At ok prompt type probe-ide or probe-scsi-all depending on type of boot

-And finally (I had the same problem and this was the solution) watch if
the disk is physically connected to the board

at ok prompt type set-defaults
if you look at printenv at ok you will see diag-switch? is set to true
your diag-device is set to net


a) because the disk device is not seen by the prom (probe-scsi)
b) because the boot-device is set to net
c) because the diagnostic boot-device is set to net and you are in
        diagnostic mode

at ok prompt:

ok show-disks
select the one that has the boot block and kernel
ok nvalias disk ^Y
ok setenv boot-device disk net
ok boot disk


It sounds like your machine is set to boot from disk
and then net. ie
boot-device disk net

If you do a probe-scsi-all does it see the disk that
you are supposed to be booting from? Without any more
information, it sounds like your disk has gone bad.


use the eeprom command to find out, which value the diag-switch? has, it
must be
set to "false", otherwise the machine boots from the diag-device (which
seems to
be the net in your case). You can also change the diag-switch? using the
command or you shut down your machine to the ok prompt to set it there.


 Thank you very much to:

 Adrian Cole
 Samir Sethi
 Scott Balfour
 Gerardo Bozon
 Scott Kulp
 Kevin Skeehan
 David Robillard
 Craig Russell
 Stefan Voss

 and many others .

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