SUMMARY: Software mirroring the disks

From: Tekin Gulsen (
Date: Wed Oct 27 1999 - 13:24:42 CDT

First of all thanks to the people for such quick replies..

My original question was:

>I've got 2 disks and want to mirror them. I'd like to do software
>Is there a built in program/utility in Solaris2.6 that I can use to
>mirror them? Or any other 3rd party programs which you could recommend?
>are your ideas and suggestions about this situation?

Suggestions are:
- Solstice DiskSuite can be used which comes in the Intranet Expansion
CD-ROM which again comes with the Solaris CD (Documentation is also
available in the CD)
There's also a mailing list about DiskSuite. In order to subscribe send a
message to and put
subscribe disksuite-l as your first line..
- For heavy duty applications Veritas Volume Manager might be a better
- Ufsdump can be used in a script to clone the disks (Prabhu Gurudas
Panchmal sent the script. Available upon request)

I think I'll go with the DiskSuite at the moment.. Depending on the
performance I may switch to Veritas Volume Manager..

Thanks again for answers.. Here's a list of people who replied me..
Darren Dunham
Dean Garner
Chris Johnson
Robert Fulwiler
Jerry Holt
Prabhu Gurudas Panchmal
Ira Kronitz
Brian Hostetler
Adam Levin
Christopher Barnard
Seth Rothenberg
Christian Pinheiro
I hope I didn't miss anyone:)

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