Addendum: Summary: Booting sparc 2 and tweaking NVRAM

From: Greg Polanski (
Date: Wed Oct 27 1999 - 12:05:18 CDT

After I posted advice on how to get an install image that was
generated for target 0 to work with target 3,
I received several more suggestions about making the
system boot from target 0.

The advice is
        setenv boot-device disk0
I have not tried this, but it makes sense.
Naturally, the documentation does not mention that the
acceptible choices are
        disk net disk0 disk1 .....

Karl provided the answer.

1. Set CD to target 3
2. boot /sbus/esp@0,800000/sd@0,0 -sr
3. edit /etc/vfstab to reference target 3
4. change disk jumpers to target 3 (after power off)
5. power on and everything works as target 3

Another suggestion was to setenv boot-device
however, the values that I could see are 'disk' or 'net'
It was already set to disk.



"Karl W. MacMillan" wrote:
> As for the problem booting from target 3, what I have done to fix this is
> to boot -r off the disk as target 0 and connect another device (cdrom,
> disk, anything) as target 3. This will create the /dev entries that you
> need.

Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child} wrote:

> > Another suggestion was to setenv boot-device
> > however, the values that I could see are 'disk' or 'net'
> > It was alread set to disk.
> that's the default, which is either target 0 or 3 depending on the sun4c
> platform. You should be able to say "disk0" or "disk3" and have it use
> that to choose the target. (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})

setenv boot-device disk0

Dieter Gobbers wrote:

> setenv boot-device disk0

Brett Lymn wrote:
> According to Greg Polanski:
> >
> >How can I tell NVRAM to boot from target 0?
> setenv boot-device disk0
> should do the job. Either that or:
> setenv boot-device sd(0,0,0) wrote:
> Do a devalias. There should be a disk0, disk1, disk2, and disk3.
> disk should pointing to the same device disk3 is pointing to.
> You will need to edit /etc to point to c0t0d0 after doing this.
> which can be accomplished by booting from a
> cd in single user mode and then mounting the /etc partition
> (usu on the / partition). and editing the vfstab file.

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