SUMMARY: Cisco termserver as sun console server

From: Adam Nevins (
Date: Tue Oct 26 1999 - 15:28:20 CDT

Answer: Cisco IOS version 11.0 is "broken" in this respect. version
11.2 works. Stephen Tremain hit the nail on the head!

Others suggested various alternatives such as lightwave, xylogics,

A common warning was that resetting the cisco can cause the suns to drop
the boot prompt. I'll have to see for myself how much of a problem this

Thanks to:

Stephen Tremain <>
Danny Johnson <> (Joseph Chiu)
Jesse Adam <>
Greg Wilson <>
Leon Heinemans <>
James Mularadelis <>

Original post:
> We have a bunch of Suns (Sparc5s, Sparc20s, Ultra1s, Ultra2s, Ultra5s,
> Ultra10s, Ultra60s) performing various functions for our department.
> They are all configured with graphical consoles. My goal is to make
> them use serial consoles accessible from the network. The ability to
> remotely send a break (STOP-A) is key.
> I acquired a Cisco 2511 termserver (router with 16 rs-232 ports).
> Everything seems to work, except for sending the break. If i attach a
> vt420 to the sparc's ttya and hit F5, the system drops to the ok
> prompt. A scope on the rs-232 line shows that the vt drives the TD line
> high for about 1 second. When i telnet to the cisco (port 2001) and do
> a telnet->send break, the TD line goes high for about 10 bit periods,
> but the sun does not recognize it as a break.
> RS232 docs i've read say that a break character is defined as a "high"
> voltage for a length of time which exceeds the length of one character.
> Has anyone gotten this to work? I'm using an old Sparc2 for testing,
> would a newer Sparc act differently?
> The only docs i can find at sunsolve or cisco deal talk about
> *preventing* the break from reaching the sun :(

Adam Nevins

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