SUMMARY: tape behaviour

From: Rich Quinn (
Date: Fri Oct 22 1999 - 16:04:53 CDT

I got many responses to this problem(original post is at bottom).

Most people told me I needed to add the -f option to the mt command.

This is true if I want to specify a tape device other than
/dev/rmt/0. Since I was using /dev/rmt/0n, I did need the -f option.

What threw me was that the tape commands were indeed working
correctly WITHOUT the -f option. It is just that when I want to
specify a non rewinding tape drive, in other words a drive other
than the default /dev/rmt/0, then I need the -f option.

Even if I tell the mt command to fast forward to the end of the tape,
unless I specify the no-rewind device, it'll rewind all the way back
right after forwarding all the way to the end.

I guess the mt command does not operate like my VCR at home.

Many thanks to all who responded



I have a DLT 7000 drive.

I do this command:
mt eom /dev/rmt/0n

I can hear the tape moving(forward I hope), then it stops a second, and I
hear it moving again, in reverse maybe?

Because when I type:
mt rew /dev/rmt/0

I get the prompt back immediately,
This is a 35 gig tape, that has had a volume of 15 gig written to it.
Shouldn't it take a couple/few minutes before I get my prompt back?



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