SUMMARY: printing under Solaris 2.7

From: Christopher L. Barnard (
Date: Fri Oct 22 1999 - 12:15:17 CDT

I asked:

> I know this is a painfully easy question, but I do not find the answer in
> the Solaris 2 FAQ, the sun-manager's FAQ, searching the sun-manager's
> archives at LaTech, or even the man pages for admintool,lpset,lpget,
> padmin, etc.
> Under Solaris 2.5.1, I have a line in
> /etc/lp/printers/<printername>/configuration
> that says
> Content types: postscript
> I'm trying to figure out how to get that into Solaris 2.7's
> /etc/printers.conf. Its an "lpset -a something" command, but I haven't
> figured out what that "something" should be. Of course the man pages don't
> list the -a options and everything I have tried has just been ignored. I'm
> trying to fix the "stairstep" effect on an HP laser printer whereby the
> printer doesn't put a carriage return at the end of a line -- only a line
> feed. Under Solaris 2.5.1 that is all I had to do.

Thanks to:

Nick Wilhelm-Olsen <>
Anthony Worrall <>
"Matthew Stier" <>

The answer:

It turns out that under Solaris 2.6 and higher *both* the /etc/printers.conf
and the /etc/lp tree are used. None of the commands that I had worked for me,
so I finally ended up opening a Service Order with Sun. After spending a good
part of the morning on the phone, it appears that the printer sortof works. I
had to issue the command

lpadmin -p printername -v /dev/null -T PS -I postscript -m netstandard -o
dest=printerspooler (all on one line, but it doesn't fit)
enable printername
accept printername

Then we tried changing the printer type from "PS" to "hplaser" and the Content
Type from postscript to any. After creating a filter for this particular
printer, it is working except for the banner wierdness (I get three of them,
unless I turn off banners in which case I get none. This is a shared printer
so having one would be very beneficial, but I'm not going to waste paper
printing out three banners for every print job). So the printer and my
machine are now talking to each other, but I'm still not entirely sure why.

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