SUMMARY: Getting network device address for incoming requests

From: Daniel Polombo (
Date: Mon Oct 25 1999 - 01:31:24 CDT

Thanks to :
Arthur Darren Dunham <>

Arthur hit the nail on the head. The solution, in our case,
is to use DHCP as a BOOTP server, since DHCP provides the
exact functionality we need.

Another suggestion was to use the famous tcp-wrapper package
and adapt it to our needs.

Initial post :

> We are currently trying to write a piece of C code
> on a Ultra-10/Solaris 7 to know by which network device a
> request arrived to the system (ie, the system has two network
> adapters, /dev/hme0 and /dev/hme1, and we want to know which
> one received the request).
> The idea here is to write a wrapper for BOOTP requests
> that will allow us to affect different IP addies to the same
> X Terminal, depending on the network from which it accessed the
> server (security concerns you don't want to know).
> What I want to do in the first place is to write a simple
> TCP/IP listener daemon that only tells which network device
> received the request for the daemon.

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