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From: Reichert, Alan (
Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 11:44:33 CDT

Original question:

> Greetings.
> I've got an Ultra2 with Solaris7 that I just did an upgrade to Solaris
> Hardware 5/99. After the upgrade, I get a message at boot
> about zs:maxzs
> not
> set right and not allocating resources to "chip 2". A
> follow-on warning
> states
> that zs:maxzs should be set in /etc/system.
> I've looked on,, even and altavista
> search, and
> looked through
> my manuals and documentation here for this parameter.
> Closest I can come is
> this is
> something to do with a Zilog chipset. Can anyone provide pointers to
> documentation or
> any information on this parameter before I start mucking with
> /etc/system?
> Thanks.
> - Alan Reichert
> UNIX System Administrator
> TASC, Inc.

I've received inputs as follows:

1. From

This is a problem associated with the serial ports on the box, it is
unable to initiate the serial port(s) on the machine. Sometimes this
might be due to problems with /etc/path_to_inst, which maps physical
device names to minor numbers, try moving /etc/path_to_inst to
/etc/path_to_inst.orig and running drvconfig (this command will
regenerate the device tree and create and path_to_inst file. The diff
the new path_to_inst file to the old and if there is a difference then
you have most likely fixed the problem.

Hope this helps,


2. From Danny O'Mahoney <>

Hi Alan,

I checked out the sunsolve web site and found this bug report. It's not very
helpful but is exactly your problem. It looks like a reinstall is the

"On 4/50 system with SunOS 5.5(13) on495-gate:94/12/09, serial port is not

1) while booting up the systme following messge is seen:
WARNING: zs: unable to allocate resources for chip 2.
WARNING: Change zs:maxzs in /etc/system
zs1 at root: obio 0xf0000000 sparc ipl 12
zs1 is /zs@1,f0000000

2) Also i ran sundiag on this system but sundiag did not have "(zs0)
sptest" .

Essi bahmani

I re-installed SunOS 5.5(13) and problem is gone. But there is a
/etc/path_to_inst and

b59a{root}10: pwd
b59a{root}11: ls -al path_to_inst*
-r--r--r-- 1 root sys 1133 Jan 13 12:31 path_to_inst
-r--r--r-- 1 root sys 1133 Jan 13 12:31 path_to_inst.old
b59a{root}12: diff path_to_inst path_to_inst.old

I am going to install SunOS 5.5(14), if problem would not show, we can close

Essi Bahmani


I installed SunOS 5.5(14) on this system and problem is gone.
Also there is one /etc/path_to_inst file.

b59a{root}4: ls -al path_to_inst
-r--r--r-- 1 root sys 1133 Jan 18 10:21 path_to_inst"

Hope this helps,
Danny O'Mahony

3. I have been in conversation with Casper Dik regarding this problem as
well. I'll summarize
the outcome of this at a later date. Focus is on entries in the
/etc/path_to_inst file. The Ultra2 should
only have 2 instances of zs, but for some reason, this machine has three
entries in this file.

Currently, the problem is not solved.


- Alan

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