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Date: Tue Oct 19 1999 - 12:26:57 CDT

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Hello admins,
Ok, just as a preface, I have been a Unix admin for 6 years and have dealt
with lots
of Sun and Hp-ux. Now I have a newbie problem ... I can't get my E450 to
boot from the
cdrom! I checked firmware and we are running 3.14.1. The cd I am trying to
boot off of
is the Software 2.6 cd 5/98. When I type "boot cdrom", it gives me the
error ... " ... the file
that has been downloaded is not executable" Anybody ever see this before? I
can get the
machine to boot off of a custom 2.6 cd, so I know that machine is good. Is
there a
file parameter I have to stuff the boot command?
-Thanks in advance
-Mark Cormier

Mark Cormier - Unix/NT System Administrator
Harvard University


Hello admins,
        Thanks to all those that took the time to respond to me. There were
varying answers
that I think is tip-toeing around the solution. A few people suggested
cleaning the cd.
It's brand new, so it's as clean as it is getting. Others said it might be
hardware but I
don't think so. In the meanwhile, I have been playing with the cd and here
is what I have
found ...

        I have an old Sparc 10 which boots off the 2.6 5/98 cd fine! So the cd is
good. I
can also get the E450 to boot off an older version of the 2.6 os. I am not
sure which version
it is ... it is a copy that was cut in house and I have not idea where it
came from. So,
the E450 boots and the cd is good. Conclusion ... the cd is not allowing
the E450 to do
something ... PCI bus, 4 400Mhz processors? I don't know ... I am going to
contact my
Sun sales rep and see if I can get a newer version.

-Thanks again for all the help


Mark Cormier - Unix/NT System Administrator
Harvard University

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