SUMMARY: Automated Asset Reporting package?

From: Mike van der Velden (
Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 14:06:25 CDT


This summary is long overdue. A while ago I asked about asset
reporting tools used in a Sun environment (original post below).
While the response was not overwhelming, I did receive one pointer
from Jeffrey Collyer that looks very promising.

It is an open source tool that provides system summaries to a central
server, and formats it in HTML. It is very customizable, so that if
I am going to be writing scripts in house, I might as well add to the
syssumm effort.

Other pointers included:

   IBM Tivoli

   Tangram Enterprise Solutions

   NetCensus from Tally Systems (PCs only)

Thanks to the following individuals for taking the time to respond.

    Jeffrey W. Collyer
    Jose Luis Martinez
    Stuart Price

Mike van der Velden

--- Mike van der Velden <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Does anyone out there use any asset reporting tools for their Sun /
> Unix / other network boxes. I'm looking for something that not
> only records how many systems are out there, but also the quantity
> and speed of processors, amount of ram and disk space, ip and mac
> addresses, interface speeds, etc. If it could also track installed
> software (especially stuff not in pkg format, such as Oracle, etc),
> that would be better.
> SunService used to offer something called the Sun Asset Survey
> Reporting Service, where they would come in for a one time visit,
> run a discovery agent on your network, and report on the number of
> systems, categorized by vendor, OS, and network, and that's about
> it. For this, I think they charged up to $10K.
> I'd like something more detailed, via polling from one or more
> nodes, or by running an agent on each, I don't care. As a bonus,
> it should be easy to extend the things it reports on.
> I found something called "Configuration and Service Tracker" on one
> of SunServices' websites (for the life of me I can't find the URL
> at the moment.) It doesn't seem to be heavily promoted. One
> problem is that it does realtime polling of hosts to measure
> uptime, which tends to make it slow. I'm hesitant about using a
> product that doesn't seem to have the full support of Sun behind
> it.
> We have written some in house scripts which act as agents on each
> box, but were wondering if there was a third party (commercial or
> open-source) package that did the same thing.
> I'm not familiar with IBM's Tivoli or CA's Unicenter. Do any of
> you use those packages, and if so, can they do what I want?
> Thanks in advance.
> Mike van der Velden

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