SUMMARY: problem with new bind 4.9.7

From: David W. Blaine (
Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 07:30:55 CDT

Hi Sun-managers:

I had one good response and several snide ones (something I didn't really care
to hear considering my plight at the moment!) I realized in my tense rush I
forgot to put in the OS and version info on my original post (my fault). But to
explain to the flamers, I posted this question on BOTH this list (just in case
it was a Solaris issue) and the DNS ones I know of. I was determined to cover
ALL the bases (like any good sys admin posed with a problem). So for those
narrow-minded, puffed-up individuals, I suggest you get off your podium and shut

Anyway, here is the lone reponder (Thanks Tim!) whose suggestion works while I
clean up my hosts table:

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The quickest way is to CNAME the underscored hostname to valid addresses.

my-sunserver IN A
my_sunserver IN CNAME my-sunserver

When Bind does syntax checking, it only checks address "A" records, and
assumes the rest are authoritative to these.


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Subject: problem with new bind 4.9.7
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Hi Sun-managers:

I have an immediate problem. I loaded new bind 4.9.7 on my primary DNS server
knowing my hosts have underscores in them. Because of this, I added "check-names
primary ignore" to ignore these issues. My problem is it seems to be ignoring
the option not the name checking, because it is rejecting zones in which these
malformed hostnames fall. Could someone tell me a fix or workaround???

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