SUMMARY II: Solstice Backup 5.1

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Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 10:48:26 CDT


Although I already posted a summary to this question, I felt the following
detailed reply from Reto Lichtensteiger could be useful to the list.

>From Reto,

Networker/Solstice backs up NFS file systems just fine. Your respondant
was correct that there are some ... inefficiencies .. doing that, but in
some cases (Such as dedicated filers like NetApps or Auspex) you don't
have a lot of choice.

Networker won't back up remote filesystems by default, but the procedure
is quite straightforward. I'm not familiar with Sun's version as I've
always used "true" Networker. I'll explain the steps there; hopefully
you can extend that to Solstice.

Assuming the mountpoints are already there and the remote filesystems are
mounted you start nwadmin(8) and select "Client Setup ..." from the
"Clients" pulldown.

In The "Client Setup" window, first select the client you are doing the
backup from (Presumably the Solstice Server itself) and then scroll down
until you see the Item "Save Sets" -- If this is blank, the backup will
do the default backup, which is all local mountpoints.

If you want to back up remote mounts, you will need to list each
filesystem to be backed up, remote AND local. Type each one in and hit
the "Add" button.

Remember to hit the "Apply" button at the bottom and close the "Client
Setup" window. You're done. Next time backup runs, the system will
"notice" that there are new filesystems and will do a full backup on
those filesystems.

If you add any local partitions/disks, you MUST remember to manually add
them to the Save Sets list as you did above, else they won't get backed
up -- this is the downside of listing them all manually.

Finally, there is a mailng list for Networker. It is a majordomo list
and can be subscribed to as follows:

  Send mail to:

  Subject: is irrelevant, but the body should contain:

    subscribe networker <address>

  where "<address>" is optional and can be used to select a "better"
  address than the headers of your outgoing message provide.

  You will receive back a "cookie" message whcih must be forwarded back
  to the majordomo server (This "proves" you really wanted to be on the
  list and aren't the victim of someone's forged subscription.)


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