Summary [Fwd: ufsdump / ufsrestore for linux]

From: Ron Nguyen (
Date: Thu Oct 14 1999 - 21:45:03 CDT

Thanks for all the flames, replies, and me-toos. Original message is quoted

You can use a standard dump/restore that is provided with Linux. If dump
and restore was not included in your install, (like me) you'll have to
download the source or rpm. I got the source from
(search for dump). The version I downloaded was dump-0.4b7.tar.gz Once I
got it compiled and installed, it worked like a champ. I was able to do a
restore -i and extract the files I needed.

Several people emailed me that Linux restore is not compatible with Solaris
ufsrestore, but it worked fine for me. Other people mentioned remote-tape
protocol, but I didn't want to mess with the network and rhosts. We've got
a Solaris box, but it's on another network, and I didn't want to open up
rhosts to the internet. Others suggested dd the whole tape to the file
system, then take it to a Solaris box and run ufsrestore, but it's much
easier to extract only the necessary files from the tape.


Ron Nguyen wrote:

> I searched the archives and was unable to find a summary. I thought I
> saw an email or a post somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. I guess
> I was too fast on the delete button.
> Anyway, here's the problem, I need the source or rpm for a
> "ufsrestore-like" utility that I can run on a Linux x86 machine. I have
> a dump on tape that was created from a sparc running solaris. The tape
> I have is a level zero dump produced with ufsdump. The only tape drive
> that will read DDS2 tapes is installed as an internal drive in a x86
> machine. I've got dd and tar running on the linux machine, but I just
> can't seem to find a copy of ufsrestore. Loading Solaris x86 is not an
> option. (Don't ask why)
> If this has already been posted, please point me to the url.
> Thanks,
> Ron

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