[SUMMARY] upgrade to 2.7 from serial console

From: Vijay Bandi (vijay@MR.Net)
Date: Thu Oct 14 1999 - 16:17:10 CDT

Thanks to every one who replied. My original question was -

> I'm trying to upgrade a server from 2.5.1 to 2.7 via a vt100
> console. Here is what I'm doing:
> - shutdown to ok> prompt
> - boot cdrom
> at this point, the machines boots from the cd and queries me
> for language, locale and terminal type. After that, instead of the expected
> option to choose between upgrade/install, it is jumping into the install
> (a bunch of queries about name, ip number etc follow).

Here is the gist of what everyone said:: [my comments in brackets]

- It'll run all of sysid* stuff, and THEN will offer an option to
        upgrade or install.
        [ This was basically it, if everything else was done correctly.
        Apparently this order could be different if the install program
        uses NIS(or NISPLUS) name service to get this info. I have not
        verified if such is the case.
                Another person suggested that it is possible to bypass
        sysid* queries by booting (boot cdrom -s) and invoke upgrade
        utility from the prompt. I have not tried this. ]
- Correctly answering the queries is important because the program tries to
        find an upgradable installation depending on the responses.
         [ I didnot experiment with wrong answers to see what would happen.
         One person said install program inspects the disk marked in eeprom
         as book disk, and so answering the questions correctly is not
         important. ]
- reinstall if at all posible instead of upgrading.
        [ In this case, I didnot have a choice. We were specifically
        asked to upgrade. ]
- check vfstab and comment out all non local mounts. (by Birger A. Wathne)
        [ This was the next hurdle. Thanks to the very timely response from
        Birger, the "upgrade" option came back after suitably commenting
        out vfstab entires. ]

- Upgrade option may not show up for other reasons too such as if
        /var is a symlink, or if a certain file in /var doesnt exist.
- One persone suggested that it should also have queried for default gateway
        so that the NFS backups (during partition shuffle) would work.
        For some reason, I didnot encounter the query. That would have
        saved us the trouble of having to add an additional disk for
        partition shuffle.

I have finished the upgrade, but I'm not too impressed about the overall
process. My impressions are -

- If given a choice I'd do a fresh install jumpstart (after saving
        customizations, and taking suitable backups) instead of an upgrade.

- metadisk mirrored /, /usr and /var are a pain during upgrades.

- I'd rather do my own repartitioning and shuffling file systems rather
        than the upgrade process do it. (In what appeared to me in a bout of
        irrationality, it made the previously 50M / into 300M, shrunk 300M /var
        into 90M - and so on).

- good backups save your posterior. (again and again).

Here is the list of all helpful people that replied:
Michael Brock
Alex Stepney
Casper Dik
Birger A. Wathne
Bertrand Hutin
Charles Gagnon
John McIntire
Kevin Sheehan
Michael Allmen
Tim Evans
Charles Donelle
Peter DeQuoy
Ray Saddler
David Foster
David G Wiseman
S Gauthier
Darren Dunham

Thanks all,

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