SUMMARY - Storage Selection - EMC, SUN, Clariion

From: ross ellens (
Date: Thu Oct 14 1999 - 03:51:12 CDT

Sun Managers,

I recently posted a RFI on the merits (or otherwise) of the above third
party storage and recieved a fair number of replies. I am always pleased
by the consistent nature of list subscribers and their willingness to
respond to postings and offer help to the rest of the SUN user community. I
havn't recieved any replies for about a week however I am attending the SUN
SuperG conference next week so hope to get some usefull feedback from there.
I will therefore post a full summary on my return. The reason for this email
was that a number of people who responded to my email were in a similiar
position and specifically requested I summarise and may be wondering if I am
ever going to do so.


Ross Ellens

Unix Systems Manager

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