Sun dump and Linux restore....summary

From: Eddy Fafard (
Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 14:51:33 CDT

Sorry for the late summary.
Plug in standard excuse here <Real Busy,tape drive of site.... >

I recieved many replys but nothing worked. Most people said it was block
size issue, or Big endian issue, or that Sun dump was proprietary and
would not work. I was thinking I had a
head alignment problem because I could not even write/read a tar tape,
but then all of a sudden it worked. So now I am using tar to xfer data
back and forth, but will still mess with dump.
One thing I noticed I could make a dump tape on linux and read it on Sun
by using dd and piping
to restore and that worked fine but not the other way which I need.
Someone asked what kind of drive, each system has a DDS3 HP tape drive

Original mail !

I am trying to read a tape made with ufsdump on a Sun E250
and read it on Linux box (2.6) with the same tape drive. No matter
what I try I get Input/output error. I have tried to do a straight
also dd and cpio piping to restore with the same error. any ideas ??

Thanks and will Summerize


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