SUMMARY:lp can not remove other user's print jobs

Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 12:12:15 CDT

Thanks to:

Prof. Linda Vinke Hardie
John T. Douglass
Chad Price
Matthew Lee Stier

Most of people suggested to use sudo.
Here is the place to get

According to Chad's remark "lp should NOT be an account with a shell into which
someone can login".

I will try to install sudo when I get time to do it. For the time being, I use
lpmove with lp account. With this command, lp can move job from one queue to
another which accomplish what I want to do to begin with, managing the queue job
by printer server manager.

Sorry for the late summary.


To All Helpers:

Is lp accout supposed to be able to remove any print jobs in the system for
 Solaris 2.6?

Here is the example:

$ lpstat -o labels
labels-456 ds01!bikitt 4800 Oct 05 14:31
labels-581 ds01!bikitt 4800 Oct 05 14:31
labels-642 ds01!bikitt 3936 Oct 05 14:31
labels-815 ds01!bikitt 3747 Oct 05 14:31
labels-883 ds01!bikitt 58551 Oct 05 14:31
labels-313 ds01!bikitt 3958 Oct 05 14:31
labels-326 ds01!bikitt 58547 Oct 05 14:31
labels-858 ds01!zhhuan 29 Oct 05 14:31
$ who am i
lp pts/27 Oct 5 14:31
$ cancel labels-858
labels-858: permission denied

Here is the file attrib in the spool directory.

cd /var/spool/lp/tmp/ds01
-rw------- 1 lp lp 143 Oct 5 14:27 858-0
-rw------- 1 lp lp 29 Oct 5 14:27 858-1

I also use lp to submit the job and it can remove its own queue all right.

All the spool job are created with rw only for the owner, so even lp is the
 file owner and group owner.

I was trying to setup a spool manager account for one of our staff to
manage the queue. I thought I can use lp to all the managing job.

Just wonder how other people manage printer queue without using root

Thanks in advance,


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