SUMMARY: Taking control of TIP process

Date: Tue Oct 12 1999 - 11:11:42 CDT

Thanks to everyone who responded. Recieved many good suggestions but one
was exactly what I was looking for.

>How about with screen? You start a screen session, tip while in it,
>then detach, and the other person re-attaches.

Here's how I did it.
run 'screen'.
run 'tip' to connect to remote machine.
do what you have to do.
use ctrl-a ctrl-d to detach from screen back to shell.
next person does a 'screen -r <>' to re-attach the screen
next person does what ever they need to do.
(a man on screen will explain all of this and more)

I already had screen installed on my workstation but if your looking for
screen you can find it at

thanks to...
"Seth Rothenberg" <>
"Jason E . Murray" <>
"Kevin P. Inscoe" <>
"Alex Natautama" <>
John Weekley <>
"Andrew C. Holmes" <>
"Roy S. Rapoport" <>


> SunManagers,
> Here's the situation. I am using TIP to dial out of Solaris 2.5.1 to a
> remote Sun. Nothing hard about that.
> While keeping TIP connected to the remote system I would like to know
> if it is possible to 'give' the TIP session to another user so they can
> continue to 'work'? It doesn't have to be with TIP. All I need is some
> way to allow another user on the same local Sun workstation to 'take' my
> serial TIP session and keep working.
> I hope this is enough info to get some responses.
> Thanks in advance.
> later.

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