[SUMMARY] Performance on ethernet

From: Bas.Kelderman@eptl.elf-p.fr
Date: Tue Oct 12 1999 - 03:04:45 CDT

-- Original Question --
>I've just upgraded our main server to Solaris 2.6 and am now looking
>into accelerating the network access to the server.
>All my users are on one subnet and everyone accesses the Enterprise.
>The Enterprise is directly connected to a 100Mb switch and everyone is
>running in full-duplex mode.
>What I want is to enable the second interface on the Enterprise, have
>it on the same subnet and get a kind of load balancing thing going. I
>searched through sunsolve and it stated there that with the
>interface_groups which are available on Solaris 2.6 this is now
>possible (but I couldn't find any more info on it).
>My question is has anybody done this, are there things to look out
>Would I be better of by buying Solaris Bandwith Manager?
>The system is an Enterprise 5500, two ethernet interfaces, network
>segment services about 30 users using local displays but running
>everything of the Enterprise.
-- End --

I actually haven't received any response on this question so I had to
look further.
It seems that this isn't really supported like one would want. What you
can do is configure the second interface, gice it a different MAC
address and enable interface_groups (see infodocs:15572,16733,17018).
Then ofcourse create a round-robin scheme in DNS and a short TTL.

Sun would like people to use the Sun Trunking software. This software
supports the QFE cards and you can configure it so that you create one
big pipe (400Mb Full Duplex). Unfortunately this software is still
fairly experimental and isn't supported on all systems (though some
Enterprise Systems are supported).

Well, hope this helps.


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