SUMMARY: RealServer cannot bind to 7070 - but lsof shows nothing on 7070

From: Adam Singer (
Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 23:49:09 CDT

Dear Sun Managers

I have lost my original copy of my post but I was having problems with
the Real Audio server of our newly *rolled out* web server. Turns out
the webmaster had forgotten to change the binding IP's (we have 5)
from those that we used on our Intranet during setup and test to the
real Internet ones! Real Audio didn't have many clues in it's error
files but I guess they have to assume some intelligence on the part of
the admin.

Sorry for the false lead/question!

Many thanks to
Matt Coddington <> (James R Grinter)

whose intelligent troubleshooting suggestions are good to have on file
in the Summaries anyhow as people with actual port binding problems
will find them useful.

thanks again to all

Adam Singer

>Matt Coddington wrote:
i don't know if this will work, but have you tried adding a line to
/etc/services like this:
pna 7070/tcp # realserver pna prot.
i've got the realserver running on an e6000 and it doesn't have this

>James R Grinter wrote: (Adam Singer) writes:
> but now that we have run the fix-modes script to harden the server,
> the server fails with the error: cannot bind to port 7070. Well I am

Something amiss with /dev/udp or /dev/tcp?

> is happening even upon a reboot and there are very few processes

mysterious indeed.

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