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Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 18:16:56 CDT

Original Question:

I am looking for ascii pop3 client on unix. I checked FAQ and past posting
without luck. Thanks.

Thanks to:

Mike Stalnaker
Chris Phillips
Doug Otto
David Foster
Patrick Hooper
Thomas D. Knox
Gil Young
Dan Stromberg
Paul Hart
Bill Hathaway
Johnie Stafford
Sean Harding
John Groenveld
Renny Koshy
Kronitz, Ira
Deepak Sinha
Amjad Zamil
Kamal Kantawala
Jay Lessert

There are couple of solutions to this:

* mutt:
* fetchmail:

The 4.7.5 release of fetchmail is now available at the usual locations,
including <URL:> and

or (perl based)

(get from:

* pine:
* imap client

This IMAP client also has a POP3 client: (U of Washington)

* qpopper:

Fetchmail, mutt, pine, qpopper are all available from Sun Freeware site. But
may not be for all OSs and may not be the lastest.

Ping Wei

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