SUMMARY: Can't see all EMC LUN's

From: Hearn, Stephen R (
Date: Sun Oct 10 1999 - 17:45:47 CDT

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Matthew Stier
Mark Noel
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Solaris 2.6 only supports LUNs 0-7, as the man page states. Given the
current debate re "newbie" posts, I am appropriately embarrassed. My
apologies to the list for adding to the noise.


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> Subject: Can't see all EMC LUN's
> I recently learned about the /kernel/drv/sd.conf file & how it is used to
> see EMC LUNs with id>0 (ref to my recent summary) on my E450 running
> Solaris
> 2.7.
> I have now installed a fresh copy of Solaris 2.6 on this same E450 and
> modified the sd.conf as above, however the new OS sees all LUNs (c2t0 to
> c2t7) but NOT the last one, ie at c2t8. Solaris 2.7 (which is installed
> on
> a different disk in the same E450) still sees all nine LUNs.
> Now given this is a virgin install of 2.6, is there some patch or config
> file that I need to tweek here? Is it significant that only 8 LUNs can be
> seen, ie is this a soft limit? Do I need to install some non-base
> software
> to "extend" this limit (if it is a limit)?\
> Any assistance would be appreciated.
> steve

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