SUMMARY: Printing from solaris to WinNT lpd daemon

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It worked, the detail are as follows:

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    I've succeeded in setting up printing from solaris 2.5.1 to a tcp/ip print server on windows NT, the problem is that the printout is alway required to be to a postscript printer.. while I'm using HP laserJet 5L which is not a PostScript printer, anybody knows any workaround for this problem, can I use my HP LaserJet 5l from my SparcStations running Solaris 2.5.1?

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Hello Yasir,
 I think you can use the shareware ghostscript which allows you to print postscript jobs to non-postscript printers.
 It supports set of well-known printers,among which HP LaserJet printers.You can find a precompiled version at:

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Please see attached...

Hello Yasir,
 this means that the ghostscript program can't find the path for the which is a link file under /usr/lib and links
 to /usr/openwin/lib/ so either this file is missing or no path for it in LD_LIBRARY_PATH or tha packages that
  installs it is missing (SUNWxwplt and SUNWxwrtl )
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  Assalamo Alaikum

  Please I'm facing trouble with GhostScript, I've downloaded the precompiled package from sunfreeware but it seems like that it dosn't work it just gives the following error: gs: fatal: can't open file: errno=2
  any suggestions?


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> Install LPRng.
> http://www.astart.con/LPRng.html
> Patrick
> Patrick Powell Astart Technologies,
> 9475 Chesapeake Drive, Suite D,
> Network and System San Diego, CA 92123
> Consulting 619-874-6543 FAX 619-279-8424
> LPRng - Print Spooler (

The most important part of the solution is GhostScrtipt which is available at precompiled as a Solaris package, once installed at /opt/AEgs it needs some configuration which will be found in documentation, but the thing that was not mentioned in the documentation is that LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable must properly set to /usr/openwin/lib:/usr/lib for /opt/AEgs/bin/gs to work or it will give the error message mentioned later:

1. In windows NT make sure that Lpdsvc is installed and running by looking at the control panel/network/sevises and verifieng that NT TCP/IP printing service is there, the checkeng Control Panel/Services for TCP/IP Print Server or issuing the command "net start Lpdsvc" at a command prompt.

2. Make sure the printer is configured and shared, the share name will be the LPD printer name.

3. In the Solaris station use admintool/printers/add/access to printer and give the name of the Winnt LPD printer (same as the printer share name), the name of the Wnnt server (it must have a FQDN or an entry in the /etc/inet/hosts file).

4. Now GhostScript is installed, in fact I'm using StarOffice and all my problem was dealing with it, so the rest of the procedure will be in StarOffice: Click on Printer setup icon and selet the default printer which will be automaticaly setup when SarOffice is installed it is named: Generic Printer on(lp).

5. Click the button connect and select the printer queue, it is the default "lp" in the dialog box that appears.

6. Now edit the command "lp" in the queue and type:

"hp5l=gs -q -sDevice=ljet4 -r600 -dNOPAUSE -sPAPERSIZE=a4 -sOutputFile=- - |lp -d hp5l"

where hp5l is the name you chose as a share name for the printer. Note that /opt/AEgs/bin must be in the PATH environment variable or you have to give the full path to "gs" executable.

7. Enjoy!

Any questons about this case will be welcomed and answered, I'm now having very beautiful, crisp and elegant printout AND WITHOUT A POSTSCRIPT PRINTER.

Yasir Hamza
System Admin
Khartoum, Sudan

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