Summary: Cron Situation

From: Fisher, Julie (
Date: Sat Oct 09 1999 - 19:37:33 CDT

Many, many thanks to: Nate Itkin,, Dennis Morse, and
Karl Vogel.

Nate, papowell, and Dennis advised me to put the -f option at the end of
#!/bin/csh (#!/bin/csh -f). That did the trick. I did some other playing
around based on what they said and was able to remove some other annoying
error messages.

Karl Vogel advised me to run shell scripts in /bin/sh or /bin/ksh. Good
advise, I may just write new cron jobs in one of those two shells. The
one's I have going now will stay as they are.

I hope I didn't annoy anyone with this question, I've been wanting to ask it
for a long time.

Thanks again gentlemen!

Julie Fisher
Sandia National Laboratories
Oracle7 DBA - OCP7
Solaris 2.6 Administrator
Oracle Application/Web Server Administrator

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