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We recently installed Solstice Backup 5.1 on an Ultra 5 (with a Mammoth
Autoloader). We were told by the organization we bought it from that it
would backup NFS mounted file systems. However, I can find no indication
of this in the manual or online, and I have confirmed that it does not do
this by default. I do have a call into Sun on this issue but who knows
when I will hear back from them. Do any of you using this product know if
it can be used to backup NFS file systems? If so, what directive would I use.


The replies were about 50 / 50 that Solstice Backup 5.1 (aka Legato
Networker) should be able to backup NFS mounted file systems. I did hear
back from Sun and they indicated that it does have this capability;
however, the individual who responded to my call was not sure how to do it.

At any rate, below are the responses from those who indicated that backing
up NFS mounted file systems is possible. Thank you to everyone who
responded. I have yet to "experience" a mailing list as useful as this one.

You can back up NFS through Solstice, but it's not a
particularly good idea. Main problems relate to file
access times and network load - you're copying a lot
data over a network to back up, and doing it twice
NFS. It's supported, but strongly discouraged.

I know NetWorker, which is what Solstice backup is
based on. I don't know the straightforward way to do
this, but there's a possibility you can hack the
nsr.res file when nsrd is shut down. *BACK THIS UP
FIRST* and also copy your indexes to tape before doing
this. Screw this up and you *WILL* break your


Stuart Whitby.


        That depends on the software you are using, so the guy technically
did not lie. ufsdump will not back up nfs but networker will.

Mike Mehran Salehi 716-223-6959

I do this by specifying the nfs mount points in the client 'save set' area.
Works like a champ!
Matt Reynolds

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*********** Directives, as I remember, are used primarily to exclude files.

For NFS, it makes sense that they don't document it because they wouldn't be

selling client licenses that way. I think they exclude NFS backup on higher versions of the software.

Just create mount points and add it to the backup list...but then you have to also add the local fs on the machine that you're mounting the NFS filesystems.


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