SUMMARY: !/bin/sh

From: Haydee Y. Ching (
Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 09:26:31 CDT

thanks to Rick Myers, Stephen Amadei, Mbarak Ittiso, Michael Kalus, and all
of you for your precious time ....
i am sorry, i have to admit, i never tried any shell programming. and i
have just been starting Solaris with no documentation or manuals coz it
would only be send to me probably next week or.... and i just started using
unix systems....

somehow, the point here is how to run a shell script. the replies are:
     General Syntax: $ sh <script file>
          $ cat test
          $ sh test
     the result would be clear screen function executed.
the error with my file was due to some misunderstanding of mine....
somehow, my stupidity. too much assumings... thanks a lot for your time.
now, i'm gonna try enabling anonymous ftp.
-haydee : )

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