SUMMARY - INIT (error message)

From: Haydee Y. Ching (
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 22:03:32 CDT

thanks a lot to all those replies................

John T. Douglas write:

>From the solaris FAQ:

>5.54) When I halt/reboot my system I get "INIT: failed write of utmpx
>When the system shuts down, init(1m) updates /var/adm/utmp* to reflect
that fact.
>If you have a separate /var filesystem, this operation will happen after
/var is
>unmounted and init complains:
>INIT: failed write of utmpx entry:"s6"
>INIT: failed write of utmpx entry:"rb"
>You can safely ignore these messages.

Always check the FAQ first -- good way to learn ;-)

- John

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