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Date: Tue Oct 05 1999 - 16:21:54 CDT

original question:
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I am desperate. I have searched and have come up empty.
My gauntlet firewall runs smap and sendmail8.6 on solaris2.6.
I need the source code to sendmail 8.6.
It is the version that came with solaris2.6 before patches.
Anyone know of any sites that may have this old sendmail source?

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Thanks for all your responses.
The site I found the source code for 8.6 at was:
thanks Paul Hart.

Most people responded to see, but they
only have up to 8.7, 8.6 is not recommended because of
security issues, but that is what gauntlet is supporting.
I guess it is ok because sendmail is called by smapd and
is not a running daemon.
Thanks again.

From: "Amjad Zamil" <>
 check or
From: Tim Evans <>

From: Shawn Kondel <>
From: Jochen Bern <>
 Please note this little snippet from the banner that shows up when you
cd into /pub/sendmail on
250-There is NO 8.6.* patch for CA-96.20. 8.6 is not supported, not secure,
250-and should not be run on any network-connected machine.
You could download 8.7.6 and the prior patches from
and back out the patches ... :-}

From: Paul Hart <>
 Did you check the FTP search engine at They
have some pretty good FTP archive indexes, including sites with various
versions of sendmail 8.6.* and others. One very good site to check is:
You might be better off upgrading to a newer version, if possible.

From: "Alex Natautama" <>
 What do you mean by "the source code to sendmail 8.6"?
We have the original Solaris2.6 distribution without the patches but I
don't think we have "the source code to sendmail 8.6" as I understand
Please clarify, We might be able to help.

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