SUMMARY: Solaris x86 and ISDN

From: Andrew C. Holmes (
Date: Sat Oct 09 1999 - 07:32:28 CDT

Thanks very much for your responses, 14 so far, that's 13 more than all
the other newsgroups put together :-)

It seems that the *best* way to do this is to use an ISDN router (4 port
hub with ISDN/POTS connections), this is what the majority suggest. It
seems the reason for this is that no drivers are required, just a LAN
connection. Configuration can be set via either http or telnet.

There also seems to be quite a few companies offering products that will
suit, although the

Ascend Pipeline 50 @

seems to be the most popular choice.

Cisco 775M
Netgear RH328 or RH348
Toshiba TR-650
3 Com Livingston office router

I haven't been able to find any UK prices yet.

A useful link is

Of course some people also feel that ISDN may not be the way to go, with
ADSL and cable modems on the horizon (but not in my area :-(,
multilinking 2x56K modems to an ISP is also a possibility, although I
don't think my ISP would allow this.

Andy Holmes

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Hello all,

I am after an ISDN (ISDN/2e) set-up for home (read cheap). Has anybody
experience/suggestions for hardware that I could use. I haven't had
luck on any other groups. It seems like an internal card may be out of
question as no drivers seem to be available

I will summarise as I have been asked to pass any information on to
groups, seems like I'm not alone.

Andy Holmes
ps. Please be gentle, this is my 1st posting.

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