SUMMARY: StarOffice

From: Kris Briscoe (r8465c) (
Date: Tue Oct 05 1999 - 15:40:19 CDT

Thanks to Gary Carr who had the correct answer:

Gary Carr ( wrote:

For some strange reason you have to specify landscape/portrait in the
Format/Page window on the Page tab. There are two radio buttons to specify
landscape or portrait. The "Help" system will eventually point you there.

Thanks Gary......and thanks to anyone who is sending responses that arrived
after this goes out.

Kris Briscoe
Sr. UNIX Engineer

Kris Briscoe wrote:

> Hey guys. Is anyone out there using StarOffice yet? I have the newest
> version and am having problems getting a few things to work. Hopefully
> someone out there will be able to answer these questions.
> 1) When trying to print in landscape format - It doesn't. No matter
> how many times I try to define it,
> or where I tell it to do Landscape it just refuses. This is
> from the spreadsheet doc.
> 2) I have a spreadsheet that I save as excel 97 format and then try
> to open it up with Excel on NT. I receive a "Dr. Watson" error and
> excel bombs out. Any thoughts? Is this a Microsoft feature or
> something wrong with StarOffice.
> I'll summarize.....
> Kris

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