Preliminary Summary RE: UNIX questionnaire for Sysadmin job?

From: Isherwood Jeff C Contr AFRL/IFOSS (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 14:41:41 CDT

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> From: Isherwood Jeff C Contr AFRL/IFOSS
> Subject: UNIX questionnaire for Sysadmin job?
> I was asked to come up with a questionnaire as a sort of
"Skills test" for
> an entry level UNIX Admin...
> Are there any out there already that anyone knows about?
I'll need the
> Questions AND the answers...

Ok folks, I got lots of GREAT responses...

While waiting for replies, I started my own questionnaire, with the help of
the admin that is leaving, we were up to around 18 questions when responses
started pouring in.

Some people sent me Questionnaires that they had written..
Some others sent me ideas for questions or sources to come up with
And some folks sent me to web sites full of questions or leads...

and just for fun:

I'm compiling and re-writing to suite my needs, I'll toss the whole thing
out to the list when I'm done...

Thanx to everyone for all the help so far...

Todd Boss []
Hal Miller []
Stephen Harris []
Jason Youngquist []
Gunter Vanasse -- Opcom ACE Web Engineer []
Balfour, Scott (Eurosoft) []
Otto, Doug []
Kitty Ferguson []
Olivier Grange-Labat []
John D Groenveld []
Erin Jones []
Seth Rothenberg []
John Jamerson []
Petersen, Dwight []
Kronitz, Ira []
eric []
L []
Benno []
Patrice ALLAIS []

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