Summary: Metatool and RAID5

Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 13:54:40 CDT

The majority response was not to use Metatool for RAID is not as
reliable as Veritas Volume manager...which is not officially on Solaris
7...(atleast from what I can see on Veritas web site). Even if I want to use
it still has the limitation of only 7 slices that I always disliked
about Solaris....Lastly....DUH!!..I ran fdisk instead of the
hell in world did that get through my keyboard...I guess I have been playing
a little too often on Linux Jeff Woosley for pointing
that out.

Thanks to the following for their input:
Jonathan Loh
Marc Newman
Mark Neill
LaCaille Damon
Michael Brock
Sergie Naicker


Madhu Bandireddy

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