SUMMARY: disabling rwall from /usr/bin/shutdown

From: Christopher L. Barnard (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 13:41:21 CDT

I asked:

> How would I go about disabling the rwall to various clients before I run
> /usr/sbin/shutdown on a server? Some of these servers take half an hour
> or more to shut down, because they are trying to rwall individually to
> each client. Many of these clients (one at a time, of course) time out when
> they are contacted via RPC. Since I don't notify users when a server goes
> down anyway, this is completely redundant. I found nothing in /etc/rc?.d/*
> that appeared to be what I want and the man page for shutdown makes no
> mention of this. Has anyone disabled the rwall from /usr/sbin/shutdown?
> I don't want to do a simple /etc/halt because the shutdown scripts for
> other things (in particular sybase) I do want to have run. Thanks.

The answer:

<slaps head> I spent so much time looking at the rc scripts that I neglected
to look at the /usr/sbin/shutdown program, which is itself a shell script.
I can just pull the rwall stuff out of there. Several people mentioned that
doing an "init" does the is the shutdown without the wall; I haven't toyed with
that so I am not sure. Old habits die hard and I'm used to doing a shutdown.
One person said to just do an /etc/reboot or /etc/halt and that will run the
shutdown scripts. No they don't! Running /etc/reboot or /etc/halt does
NOT run the shutdown scripts /etc/rc?.d/K*. Several people said to just
disable wall in inet. The problem here is that shutdown would still be
trying to rwall-- much better to cancel it at the source IMHO.

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