Summary: Solaris to Appletalk printing

From: Allen, Michael A. (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 12:41:45 CDT

What an effective list! Thanks to all who responded - too many names to
mention. Most responses suggested using CAP - Columbia AppleTalk Package
( or netatalk - the AppleTalk
Protocol Suite for UNIX ( I'm opting
to use CAP. Thx again. -maa-

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> SA's
> I didn't see anything related in the archives. Has anyone tried printing
> Solaris to an Appletalk printer? I have an Ultra 10 running Sol. 2.6 that
> I'm trying to get to print to an HP laserjet 6p AppleTalk printer. Is
> this
> even feasible? Thx. in advance.

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