SUMMARY: Jumpstart/sysidnis

From: Burak Baysal (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 08:37:55 CDT

Here is my original question:
> Jumpstart is nifty, but a pain. We got it working, serving from a
> Sol x86 box. But it is not unattended. it still asks for the language
> to use, and netmask. this is in the sysidnis phase, before it reads
> the jumpstart info. there must be something missing in our NIS config.
> how can I make it completely unattended? I have a netmasks.byaddr
> map.
> also, if I configure the systems with / partition only, it boots
> into single user, complaining about utmp entry. seems like it never
> mounts root read/write. I have installed machines with single
> partition before, but haven't seen this. BTW, where is the archive
> for the list? I lost track of it after the list moved.

Thanks to all of you who have replied quiet timely, I was out of
office and didn't have the chance before.
Most people suggested the use of the sysidcfg file. I put the said
file in my /jumpstart directory (where the config for the clients are)
and that seems to have taken care of it. It was also suggested that
I check my NIS maps. I had created a locale map, with instructions
from the answerbooks, under advanced installation guide. but I hadn't
transferred it to my NIS slaves.

The second part of the problem still remains unsolved. devices are
not configured properly for some reason, needs further investigation.

Here is my sysidcfg file for reference:

name_service=NIS {
network_interface=le0 {netmask=}

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