[SUMMARY] Problems with A1000

From: Jose Luis Martinez (jl_martinez@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Oct 01 1999 - 06:52:09 CDT

Thanks to the people who answered:

Reinaldo Luis Ono
Richard Rote
David Evans
Susan Feng

The problem was hardware related, we changed our differential SCSI card and
terminator. The machine was up and running with no hitches so far. All the
hardware was new, so I guess we were just unlucky. An important point is
that the A1000 internal checks were consistently running OK.

The clues to solve the problem came form these messages:

>From: Susan Feng Save Address Block Sender
>To: "Jose Luis Martinez" Save Addresses
>Subject: Re: Problems with A100
>Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 09:04:50 -0700
>We had exactly same problem with Ultra I A1000 array
>configuration.In the beginning we thought something is wrong with A1000
>unit, terminator, cables, etc. We re-seated all the hardware parts but
>still have the problem. Luckily we have another pair of Ultra I A1000, so
>we swapped the hosts for the two A1000. The first A1000 system then runs
>fine and the second one started having problem. So it points to the host
>system, either the Ultra I or the Ultra SCSI card is
>at fault. We ended up using a different Ultra I and another Ultra SCSI card
>to build a new system. Everything seems running fine now.
>Try a different Ultra SCSI differential card if you have a spare.

>From: domahony
>To: Subject: Re: Problems with A100
>Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 09:58:13 +0100
>Hi there,
>I've had this before.
>It looks like there is either a problem with the disk being accessed or the
>There is no adequate solution from Sun as far as I can ascertain although
>will want to call them to get them to check out the hardware. Obviously the
>disk/controller cannot handle large I/O anymore, should be as simple as a
>hardware swap out.
>Hope Sun are able to help, I can only speak from experience when this
>to me.

Original message:

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De: Jose Luis Martinez <jl_martinez@hotmail.com>
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Assunto: Problems with A100

> We are having problems with an A1000 array connected to an UltraII
>machine running Solaris 2.6
> The array was working fine until yesterday, any command trying to use
>LUN associated to the A1000 will hang (even ls).
> I can't see the LUN with format (it hangs anyway) and when I run
>RaidManager it does not see the controller or anything at all.
>I am getting messages of this kind:
>WARNING: The Array driver is returning an Errored I/O, with errno 5, on
>Module 1, Lun 0, sector 17462544
>whatever this means.
>I shuted down the machine, restarted, everything looked fine, I even ran a
>Parity test from RaidManager and it worked without any problem,
>as soon as poeple begin to use the A1000 again it fails miserably.
>Any advice?

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