SUMMARY: Routing Broadcast to unicast address.

From: Duncan Vella (
Date: Fri Oct 01 1999 - 04:40:57 CDT

My question was :

> I am trying to do the following on an Ultra 450 running Solaris 2.6
> The machine is acting as a router and has 4 networks connected via
> its hme and qfe interfaces.
> I need to change all broadcast traffic in one particular subnet to
> unicast traffic (an IP address).
> On a Cisco router the equivalent command would be "ip helper-address"
> A guy from Cisco said that this is not possible using Solaris but I
> wanted to confirm from you guys before.

Thanks to Michael Cunningham for his reply.

Basically, it is not possible to do this with Solaris (the Cisco guy was
right). He suggested I use the gated routing daemon.

Duncan Vella
Systems Specialist

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