SUMMARY: reading CD with long filenames

From: Ruben Alvarez Timon (
Date: Fri Oct 01 1999 - 03:44:12 CDT

Hi there,

First of all, I would like to thank all these people for spending their
time to help me:

Niall O Broin
Jochen Bern
Roger Fujii
Dave Martini
H. S. Yann
Daniel Polombo

> I recorded a CD on a PC using the Joliet/ISO 9660 extensions.
> I have been able to read the CD on a linux machine, but when
> trying to read the same CD on a solaris 2.6 machine, the filenames
> are truncated.
> Is there a way to read such a CD on solaris 2.6 ??

Solaris does not support the Joliet filesystem, while linux does.
There is (at least) a freeware program, mkisofs, that can be used
to create a image of the CD on Solaris, then after ftping the image
to the PC you can use the software that runs on the PC to burn the CD

As a last question and more specific, after using mkisofs on Solaris I
use WinOnCD on the PC. Could anybody who has used mkisofs and WinOnCD let
me know if this worked for him/her?

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