SUMMARY - terminfo database

From: Tom Erickson (
Date: Wed Sep 29 1999 - 10:22:38 CDT

Thanks Casper Dik and Dean Garner...

Both pointed me to /usr/share/lib/terminfo/.
Additionally, Casper suggested I use truss to
debug these types of problems.

I used truss and it clued me in to the fact that
/usr/share was missing (no wonder man terminfo
didn't show anything - the man pages are under
/usr/share/man!). I looked at the /usr file
system and space is kind of tight so I started
looking around at the other file systems and
found what was /usr/share. I made a link and
things are working fine now. I guess it's time
to think about reinstalling the OS with sufficient
space for file systems.

Which brings me to another point. I usually install
Solaris with a /, /usr, /var, and /opt partition.
And then maybe an /export/home or whatever for user
files/data. It seems to me that when disk space is
tight and I have things partitioned like above, I
tend to have problems installing patches and the like.
I know that /var tends to grow in size due to log files
like syslog and messages. But it seems to me, when
disk space is tight, that it makes more sense to install
the OS under / rather than slice it up. That way,
the free space is available to all the OS directories
rather than divided among several file systems. What's
the prevailing philosophy of the group on this issue?

Thanks again for the assist - truss is indeed a cool tool
that I can see I'll use a lot.

Tom Erickson

Intellisource Information Systems
CSOC IPP System Administration
(301) 286-1439

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