SUMMARY: UNIX poscsrtipt and text printing to NT LPD

From: Ian Chisholm (
Date: Wed Sep 29 1999 - 10:11:54 CDT

HI there,
        Responses to my question on Solaris printing to NT were as
follows. I'd *love* to go with (3) but will probably use (4).

1) shell wrapper which checks on filetype
2) set NT port to RAW, set "SimulatePassThrough=1" in registry (2 votes)
3) move printing off NT and onto UNIX :-)
4) force printer to PostScript, use a2ps or some such text converter. (2 votes)
5) set up separate postscript and text queues on the UNIX box. (3 votes)
6) Change NT Print Processor settings until it works (haven't tried this
Thanks to:
Daniel Polombo
Jeff Richmond
Dan Stromberg
Mark Neill
John Groenveld
Jeff Isherwood
Robert Rose
Wesley Garland
Jeff Howard
Simon Rahilly
(and anyone elso whose e-mail I inadvertently deleted in a fit of temper
last week :-)

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