SUMMARY: Can't authenicate to NT proxy server

From: Daniel Lee (
Date: Tue Sep 28 1999 - 08:10:34 CDT

Thanks to the all suggestions. -Daniel

Michael Cunningham:

"we have a nt proxy server as well at my company and the web browser just
asks for a username and password when I first access an outside website."

Prashanta Ghoshal:

"The problem may be due to plain text authentication being disabled on your
NT Proxy Server. By default only Microsoft encrypted authentication is
forced. Either grant access to anonymous users through the proxy or enable
plain text authentication and you should be through.

James Ford:

"Sounds like the setup is something like:

World-------NT Proxy------rest of network

If so, you need to get something changed so that it looks like this:

|---NT Proxy-------rest of network
Sun Box "

Andy Paton:

"The procedure we use is to create an account on the NT proxy each user,
with access to the proxy.

Point client's web browser at the proxy.

When it come to login we have to type
Login: <NT domain>/<username>
Password: ********** "

Artur Rodrigues:

"ask for your NT administrator to configure the Proxy Server to autenticate
clear text (in case of WEB Proxy), but, if your company use winsock Proxy
you will have to install in you Sun SOCKS, to work with SOCKS Server in NT

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I am in a strange position where NT servers dominate the entire IT
infrastructure at my company. I can not ftp or browse the web without
authenication to the NT proxy server. Can anyone think of any way that I
will be able to communicate with the outside world? Is there a way to make
the NT proxy server to grant all my Sun machines to the outside world or

Thanks in advance! I will summarize.
Daniel Lee

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