SUMMARY: obsolete patch removal

From: David W. Blaine (
Date: Tue Sep 28 1999 - 07:55:18 CDT

Well, I returned from vacation expecting to see a slew of responses to my
question but I only received one. Thanks Wales Wong for taking the time to
respond. His advice was to use fastpatch, however, the structure of our patch
depot would need extensive rework. Furthermore, logging and reporting would
require much rework because our verifiers look for key words and events.
Basically, we have too much time and energy invested in the home grown solution
to switch. Especially when the home grown solution does such a fine job! Since
fastpatch was written by Casper Dik maybe he could respond to how his solution
deals with my question.

Dave Blaine

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Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 18:03:14 -0400 (EDT)
From: "David W. Blaine" <>
Subject: obsolete patch removal
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Hi Sun-gurus:

I am trying to build more intelligence into my patch application script. Part of
this is to remove obsolete patches as listed in the patch README. Normally, I
would do a patchrm or a backoutpatch, but several obsoleted patches have already
been applied with subsequent superceding patches on top of them. My question is

If the superceding patch has already been applied, is it safe to just rm -r
/var/sadm/patch/[obsoleted patch] to recover the disk space? This question is
also relevant for upgrades of the same patch (i.e. I may have 104468-07 and
104468-09 installed. Can I just remove /var/sadm/patch/104468-07 dir. since the
newer patch is installed?)

Your opinions would be appreciated.

David Blaine (
Computer Systems Engineer
Phone: 810-825-7650

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