SUMMARY: Trick with Solstice Backup Server

From: Eugene Kukushkin (
Date: Fri Sep 24 1999 - 04:55:41 CDT

> > hi!
> > I have backup server with Solstice Backup 4.2.6a Turbo/10 installed on it.
> > After adding a new NIC, let it be hme1, with IP adress on it from different
> > network than on hme0 (host is not router, it's only multihomed) and sharing
> > some local file resources over nfs from this host, I got next message from
> > Networker while trying to backup something on server:
> >
> > save: SYSTEM error, copy violation - servers `' and `' have the same software enabler code, `xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx'
> >
> > and backup don't want to work. Without nfs sharing all works fine.
> > What should I do to explain Networker that I have only ONE server and no one
> > more? Or I have to buy additional license? But for what? ;-)

Yes, now it's work fine. Great thanks to Arthur Darren Dunham!

Problem decision:
 Go into the 'client setup' for the server itself.
 Under 'aliases' put every name this same server is known by. I'm
 assuming that you'll at least need.
 in there.
 Stop and restart Networker.

  WBR, Eugene

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