SUMMARY: Console garbage

From: Tang, TY (
Date: Wed Sep 22 1999 - 21:58:26 CDT

Thanks to the overwhelming response from the list below who suggested the
solution to remotely login to the affected system and execute
"/usr/openwin/bin/kbd_mode -a". Thanks to:

Casper Dik []
Stefan Voss []
Zoltan Nemeth []
Tim Fritz []
Tim Pointing []
Brian []
Franczyk, Gary[]
Roger Fujii []
Arthur Darren Dunham []
Duncan Phillips []
Bill, Sun System Admin []
Paul []

Also another solution offered was to execute "stty sane" at console but I'm
not sure if this works yet as the console is already "locked" with those
garbages. But I'll still list this solution down. Thanks to:

Nandkishor Kale []
Val Popa []

Best rgds,
TY Tang


The original problem:
Hi managers/gurus,
The console to the SunSparc20, running Solaris 2.6, is displaying garbages.
Each time I touch a particular key on the keyboard, a string of long weird
characters (like !@#${}R{{{[[[[[[ [-03UIHO} will appear on the console
screen. The console is not running OpenWindows or CDE. I encountered this at
least 3 times now, I believe caused by our CAD applications.
The only way I can fix this problem is to remotely connect and reboot the
Is there any other way to fix this irritation?
Thank you very much.
TY Tang
CAD Center, Compaq Asia PL

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