SUMMARY pmadm: Database file is not at the current version

From: Marina Daniels (
Date: Wed Sep 22 1999 - 21:36:29 CDT

     One of my colleagues solved the problem. I had the following line
     commented out in /etc/inetd.conf (too much security :-)
     # Print Protocol Adaptor - BSD listener
     printer stream tcp nowait root /usr/lib/print/in.lpd
     I get the feeling none of that remote print server stuff I mentioned
     below is necessary any longer since Solaris 2.6. Can anyone confirm
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Subject: pmadm: Database file is not at the current version
Author: Marina Daniels at CCD
Date: 23/09/99 11:29 AM
     I am trying to set up a printer on Host A so that other hosts can use
     it as a remote printer, so basically I am trying to set up host A as a
     print server.
     Host A is running solaris 2.6 with latest patches.
     I am following directions in a solaris 2.3 manual because i can't find
     anything to do with remote print servers in 2.6. (Does this mean it
     has changed totally?; Last time I think i did this successfully it was
     in solaris 2.5)
     "sacadm -l" shows:
     tcp listen - 9999 STARTING /usr/lib/saf/listen
     tcp #
     zsmon ttymon - 0 ENABLED /usr/lib/saf/ttymon
     and then in the past I have typed:
     pmadm -a -p tcp -s lp -i root -m 'nlsadmin -o
     /var/spool/lp/fifos/listenS5' -v'nlsadmin -V'
     pmadm -a -p tcp -s 0 -i root -m 'nlsadmin -c /usr/lib/saf/nlps_server
     -A '\x00020ACE000000000000000000000000'' -v 'nlsadmin -V'
     which is what I thought you had to do to be able to type
     "telnet hostA printer" (while logged into hostA) but it says
     telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
     and when I look at the log file I get
     # cat /var/saf/tcp/log
     02/29/00 10:56:09; 10326; @(#)listen:listen.c
     02/29/00 10:56:09; 10326; Listener port monitor tag: tcp
     02/29/00 10:56:09; 10326; Starting state: ENABLED
     02/29/00 10:56:09; 10326; Database file is not at the current version
     02/29/00 10:56:09; 10326; *** listener terminating!!! *
     HOW do I make sure "Database file is at the current version"? What is
     it talking about?
     BTW, Host A is currently running in the year 2000 and has all
     necessary y2k patches applied.
     please reply to

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