SUMMARY Sendmail between two NIS domains

From: Bill Fenwick (
Date: Thu Sep 23 1999 - 16:12:38 CDT

Well, this turned out to be a silly question. Thanks to:

Tim Carlson <>
Craig Russell <>
Barry Gamblin <>

for pointing out that sendmail routes based on DNS domains, *not* NIS domains.
With the appropriate host and configuration file changes, mailing now works

Original question:

>Hi, all
>We've got four Ultra 2 servers and an SS20, all running Solaris 2.6 (the 5/99
>update), and a number of X terminals. These are all on the same subnet and
>all in the same NIS domain, .
>I've been attempting to set up a second NIS domain on the same subnet for a
>couple of E250's and ten Ultra 5's (all running Solaris 7), which I want to
>keep separate from our original NIS domain, as these are project machines and
>will be disappearing soon (when they go onsite, I want them to be using their
>own NIS domain rather than ours -- thought I'd try the setup here first).
>So I've set the default domain on these project machines to be, and
>everything seems to be running OK, except I can't send mail between the two
>domains. Whenever I try to send to one of the machines, the
>(me) gets a bounce message saying "...<>... Sender domain must
>resolve", and whenever I try to send from a machine, the bounce
>reads, "...<>... Sender domain must exist"
>So I guess my question is, how do I get sendmail to recognize the new NIS
>domain? Or is this indicative of some screwup I've made in setting up the new

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