SUMMARY: /etc/nologin and kill user processes script

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Date: Wed Sep 22 1999 - 10:41:21 CDT

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I have been tasked to write a script that will prohibit new logins (touch
/etc/nologin) and terminate existing processes and connections of users
that are already logged into a system when certain missions are to be
supported. My initial plan is to compare the output of `ps -ef` with
the /etc/passwd database and write the script so that it will kill the
process ID's of the users listed in the passwd file. While do-able, it
seems messy.

Have any of you discovered a better way to accomplish this task, or have
you already written a similar script that I could copy?

Thanks in advance, and I will summarize.


The winning response came from Tim Lindgren who suggested I try a
program called "Idled", available at:

I compiled, configured, and wrote a script file to automatically activate
the program, and wallah! It works perfectly for my application.

Special thanks to all those people who replyed:

Tim Lindgren
Dwight Petersen
Arthur Byrnes
Jesse Adam
Gabriel Rosenkoetter
Philip Edwards
Mark Huehls
Zac Zachariah
Jeff Pyne
Jay Lessert
Gary Jenson
Ofer Licht

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