SUMMARY: Firewall-1,Solaris 2.6, and NAT

From: Angel Alejandro Vega Soto (LCI) (
Date: Tue Sep 21 1999 - 23:01:01 CDT

I want to Thank a lot to:

Marco Greene <> Deepak
Wilson <>
Robert Hayne <>
Val Brebene <>
Fischer, Johan <>

All of them tell me, how to fix my problem.

I also want to thank to:

Craig Russell <>
Dave Maupin<>

Who tell me that Chekpoint has a mailing list, that should be better if
this kind of questions will posted over there.

The Solution in 4 easy steps.

1.- Get rid of any aliases of the cards, in both Solaris and in the
Firewall object.

( rm /etc/hostname.hme0:1)

2.- In the Webserver object, create it with and internal IP address, and
use NAT static to a real ip addrees.

3.- Inside solaris, create and arp entry, of the Real IP address to be
used by the web server, with the MAC address of hme0, wich comes to the

ifconfig hme0

arp -s "8:34:a:23:78" pub

(this was the step i haven't do before)

4.- make a route in solaris, to make the real ip, to get to the internal

route add 1

, and that's it! the ip forwarding must be disabled.

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