Summary: Sparc 4/110 and Sparc 5/85, which one is faster?

From: Steven Quan (
Date: Mon Sep 20 1999 - 11:58:30 CDT

Thank to you all, including: Stephen Harris, Tom Lojewski, Gil Young,
Richard Skelton, John Sullivan , Jason Wright, Adzman S. Kasim , <> ,

The question: which one is faster: Sparc 4/110 and Sparc 5/85 ?

The answer: check out website: <>

Sparc 4 is a Sparc 5 in all but body (not as good video, less internal
expansion, no sound). They use the same CPU chips, so a Sparc4/110 will be
faster than a Sparc5/85. Sparc 5, however can go to 256Mb RAM, but Sparc 4
can only to 160Mb.


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