SUMMARY: jumpstart: how to install add. software from supplement cd ?

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How to install additional software from supplement cd during
jumpstart installation.

 ----- QUESTION ----

>i'm installing Solaris 7 via jumpstart. Is it possible
>to install the packages from the "Solaris Software Supplement CD"
>during jumpstart installation ? Specifically i want to install
>the OpenGL packages.
>The documentation I found only mentions Web-Start installation.
>I tought about a script adding them from the 'finish' script ...
>Is there an easier way ? Does anyone have a script ?

 ----- ANSWERS ----

  You can copy needed packages on your install image and add in the

  package SUNW..1 add
  package SUNW..2 add

Ok, at first i hesitated to mess with the install-server, but why not ;)
Thats what I did:

 - copy packages to <somewhere>/Solaris_2.7/Product
 - in that directory is a file ".packagetoc", in the Product-Dir of the
   Supplement-CD is anotherone. cut & paste
   the sections for the copied packages from the .packagetoc-File
   on the Supplement-CD into the .packagetoc of the Install-Server.
 - "package ... add" in the profile for the system
 - # boot net - install

I tried this only with the PC-File-Viewer Packages on a SS-10 because
the Ultra-10 where i need the OpenGL-stuff was in use today.

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  From: Darren Dunham <>

> I tought about a script adding them from the 'finish' script ...
> Is there an easier way ? Does anyone have a script ?

  That would be the place to do it, and it might not work.

  Unfortunately, some patches and packages just cannot cope with
  installing onto a machine and not have root be '/', or not be able to
  run programs. Both limitations exist at jumpstart.

  The package must be able to properly install with root set to /a, and it
  must not try to run programs in a postinstall script from '/'.

  I've pretty much given up trying to do much in the way of installations
  in finish scripts. Instead, if I *need* it to work in one go, I have
  jumpstart's finish script throw a startup script on the machine. After
  reboot, the startup script does package and patch installation, removes
  itself and reboots the machine.

  Messy, but sometimes necessary.

  Good Luck.

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  From: Klaus Heinz <>

  Hi Sebastian Benoit, you wrote:

> The documentation I found only mentions Web-Start installation.

  You can take a look at the 'Solaris Advanced Installation Guide' at, specifically the section 'Using Optional Custom
  JumpStart Features'. These documents are also available on your Solaris7
  documentation CD. Just start the 'ab2cd' program from the cd and point
  your web browser at http://localhost:8888/.

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